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Charles Riley

aka “the older brother”

Playing with fire since 2006

The Riley brothers founded their studio together back in 2006. A humble start in the garage next to their home. Since then they have focused their energy solely on making the best art glass they can. Using very old techniques with a modern style. Working together on every piece the two have learned to work with barely a word spoken. They continue to push themselves with vigor every week regardless of the heat and long hours. They’ve always encouraged the public to watch them work sharing in the experience and process. Eager to explain and happy to answer questions they hope to spread the knowledge of glassblowing far beyond themselves.

Now Riley Art Glass Studio is located in the beautiful downtown area of Hot Springs, AR. With the Hot Springs National Park just a stone’s throw away they have inspiration on tap! The studio now finds itself inside of the former Fire Station #4 built in 1904, oh the stories those walls could tell. After an entire year of remodeling and putting glassblowing on hold the old firehouse was open again. With new purpose and fire breathing equipment too!


Michael Riley

aka “the smart, funny, talented, good looking brother”