Arts & the Park

The 10 day arts festival starts tomorrow 4/29 with its launch party at the Mid-America Science Museum.  There will be events and exhibits for all 10 days in Hot Springs, most of them free of charge.  For a full list of the festivities check out for more info.

The festival includes a studio tour of local artists.  There will be 14 studios participating including us.  This is a great chance for people to meet artists and see where they create their art and learn more about the process.  Maps are available at the Fine Arts Center in downtown hot springs and in the latest issue of The Springs Magazine or you can print your own from (use the Arts & the Park tab).  The studio tours are on Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 10am - 5pm both days.

Last but not least for this studio tour weekend we will be giving away a small wall/table platter to those who enter the raffle, only way to enter is to sign in at the studio this Saturday & Sunday, we will draw the winner at 5pm Sunday.  Check our Facebook page for pics of the wall/table platter that will be given away.


We hope to see you during the tour and encourage everyone in the area to enjoy this wonderful time of year for the arts in Hot Springs - The Riley Brothers

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