Is there a fee for the demonstrations?

Never, our demonstrations are always free. We ask only that if your group is large (9 or more people) that you schedule in advance so we can prepare, our studio is small. Check our current blowing schedule or give us a call to see when the demonstrations will be available, times change due to the summer heat.

Is the studio air conditioned?

No, but the gallery is. The studio can be very warm and even downright blazing during the summer. The gallery though is always cool and comfortable. Inside the gallery there is a monitor to watch with a live feed of us in the studio, so you can stay comfy while we sweat!

Is the studio family friendly?

Yes, we don’t mind having children in the studio or gallery so long as they are always accompanied by an adult. We are happy to explain the process and try our best to make it interesting and fun for them to learn about glassblowing.

How far is the studio from Downtown/Bathhouse Row?

We are exactly one mile from the historic Bathhouse Row in downtown Hot Springs. You could walk but we don’t suggest it since there is little shade between us and there. We have our own parking available in front and behind our building (no bus, RV’s or trailers).

Is there finished work ready to purchase?

Always, but they types of pieces will change during the seasons. For example we only have ornaments during the Fall season. Check our online store or sign up for the newsletter to get our seasonal updates.

If you have any questions that are still unanswered please let us know.

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