About Us

Riley Art Glass Studio is located in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas. We specialize in art glass creations using age old glassblowing techniques. All of our products are hand blown and sculpted.

We work with what is known as "Soft Glass". This means we use a furnace to heat up raw materials to 2200 F which creates our own glass. From there we "gather" molten glass onto steel pipes or rods from which we can control the shape of the glass.

 The possibilities are endless as far as form and color which is why glass continues to intrigue us.  We hope that our work will draw new appreciation for a worthy art medium. 





 Riley Art Glass Studio is a partnership of two brothers, Charles and Michael. We have come together to focus our artistic talents on the art of glass blowing. After experiencing various art forms we have both found a passion for glass blowing to express our creativity. We have our own studio for creating our products. Our primary outlet for sales is through various art galleries and our studio location.


Charles and Michael were born and raised in the San Francisco bay area of California. Their parents though not artists themselves were always very supportive of their artistic endeavors. They began with oil paintings at a very young age. Michael continued painting for several years. It wasn’t until Charles turned 20yrs old that he discovered glass. Immediately he found that this was the medium best suited for him and quickly introduced it to his brother.


Riley Art Glass Studio, Inc.

710 W Grand Ave
Hot Springs, AR 71913
(501) 318-6193

Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 4pm